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I do agree your website is good looking & best with your expertise and you are proud of it. Still not getting QUERIES.

You have invested hard earned money and valuable time to bring your offline Business to Online by developing your attractive website. But If you are not getting any sales or queries from your website. After couple of months you will start get frustrated because you might have left Job and thought it could be the best place to serve customer better with the help of your designed website.

Google is the platform for top most visitors and it drives the overwhelming traffic for search results

Let’s take an example: After having all life experience then you analyzed that people are eagerly waiting for such kind of services however they are not finding the relevant result from anywhere. BUT you have the solution for this to complete their requirement. You have given your valuable time to make this product or service ready for whomsoever are eagerly waiting for such kind of service and they have frustrated even to get the irrelevant results.

Now you are ready with your product and you have checked with quality testing etc. It’s been a very long time to reach the relevant customer who actually need your product or services. If you do not have any idea to reach the customer. So it is worthless and all your valuable time you have given to design it is all wasted.

How to reach right customer WHO actually need your SERVICES?

In 1999 Google had basic features and some of the website still the same with those features and never upgraded. With the passage of time Google always updates to stand out from the competition eventually it is really useful for website owner to keep update always with Google Algorithms.You may can get an idea for costing of affordable SEO packages India. Some updates has given below:

1. SEO Friendly Issue :

If website is not a SEO friendly so Search Engine never gives priority to the website. Website should be SEO Friendly with Google Updated algorithm. In this way Google can optimized and crawl your each pages of website efficiently, content effectively and index in their database. you may get free consultation from any SEO agency India.

2. Cross Brows ability Issue: Should be Open with all Browser weather it is Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing etc. Developer should keep in mind during designing the website to design in such a way. Website can open with all available Browser in a proper manner.

3.Responsiveness Mobile Friendly.

Now a days Mobile is overtaking Desktop. Overwhelming visitors or Users is accessing Mobile in lieu of Desktop.  Assuming that Website is not a Mobile friendly. You may lose the ranking on Search Results.
Mobile Friendly

How will we get to know If website is not Mobile friendly?

  • If text is too small to read.

  • Content wider than screen.

  • Clickable element too close together.

  • View port not set

    Once all issue would be fixed So Website on mobile appear like this:
    Mobile Friendly issues fixed

  • Website should open as per the Screen Resolution with non-horizontal Slide line to move back and forth. It should be vertically only in every device such as Mobile, Laptop, Palmtop, Tablet, PC etc.

4. Page Load Speed:

Google expect your website should open within 5 Seconds to keep visitors happy. Assuming that Any longer time taken website to open Google may penalized your website and can be in risk.

Page load speed should be very quick to open. User should not keep waiting to get the information from your website.

5. How can check your page load speed?

You can check website page load speed by pasting URL in Gt Metrix and hit enter. It will give you proper results. If it is under 5 seconds then it is ok.

How can you Improve Page Load Speed?

  • Optimized Images

  • Enable gZip Compression

  • Minify CSS

  • Avoid Landing Page Redirects

 If It is bit technical for you. We provide the service to overcome your website page speed below than 5 Seconds. You may CONTACT US.

6. Lack of Quality Content:

It plays a very important role for website. Google need everything unique with quality.

As I have seen time to time People pay $1000 to design catchy website. Conceding that there is poor quality content over website pages. So Google will not give priority your website for ranking.

Content should be highly quality, unique and Informative, Easy to read and understandable.

It should be minimum 400-500 on every pages. Then Google will have a confidence to rank your website by keeping in mind somewhat content is valuable.

How to check word count on website pages?

Try to use this TOOL to count the no. of words per page. I will highly recommend you not to copy paste from somewhere else. Try to use unique and meaningful content to avoid duplicity as Google hate Duplicity.

Some people read my blog and try to write content for their pages and content increased more than 10,000 words even. But if it not meaningful. Google or any viewers is not going to entertain website. So keep in mind for few points as mentioned below:

  • Do not copy Content from other website.

  • Do not try to make it large with content if it is not meaningful.

  • Content should be easy to use, Meaningful, unique, high quality, Informative etc.

  • Readers are very eager to find meaningful and quality content Conceding that it is lengthy.

    7.Meta Tag is not optimized: Search engine finds Meta tag of your website. it shows what actually website page about. Every individual pages of the website has its own Meta tag which describe your content of the pages.

    Some of this information of the pages will be shown to the visitors and it would be punch line to decide visitor’s weather they can get the information what actually they are looking for.
    Meta Tag

    How can you check your Meta Data?

You can check Meta data with the help of this tool. To collect a list of pages and their Meta tags. It is a simple process Paste URL and submit and get the results.

Provided Content Management System using WordPress you can access and update Meta Tags very easily by using WordPress setting from the dashboard.

How can you Improve Title Tags

Title tag is extremely important for website. It will impact search ranking results. Here are few tips:

  • Include the keywords you are looking for.

  • Length should be 55 Characters

  • There should be Sentence Structure like “Affordable SEO packages India | Responsive website design company India | SEO agency India “etc.

How can you improve Meta Description?

It is not important for your ranking however they are important for towards click through rate. Few important tips:

  • 155 characters should be length for description to tell visitors what this all about

  • TO reach your potential customer. Provide there your phone no. or contact to action

WordPress SEO

If you are using WordPress CMS platform. You can find and install YOAST SEO plugin to make everything easy for updating.

8. No Social Media Activity :

You can designed your website very good looking If there is no connection between Social Media Platform and Website. 

How can Social Media Activity work with website?

Social Media Platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. are the most common widely used all around the world now a days. Try to be a part of these platform to bring more visitors. Create your Business page there and provide the same information about services or products should be very informative which can help visitors to know about Your website or company.

To Audit your social Media Activity 

Use BuzzSumo website and paste URL to check sharing of the content with Social Media. However it is paid service. But some features are free to have an idea.

How can you improve Social Media Engagement?

As I have mentioned above about the social media platform. Make sure you must create your page on most popular with overwhelming traffic such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

  • Do Update Regularly with updated information.

  • Do share your New and Old post to linked social media platform.

  • Do try to increase your followers.

  • Integrate Social Media Sharing buttons with your website.

  • Focus on high quality content post with social media and Blogs.

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