Why DO Customers Leave a Company?

Customer leaves a company with the following reason:

  1. Customer is no more (Died).
  2. Customer leaves the market
  3. Customer gets their relative or friends providing the same service.
  4. Customer Persuaded to go with the competitor
  5. Dissatisfaction: Customer is not happy with your Service.
  6. Customer believes that you don’t care about their project
  7. Gap of communication
  8. Company stops to respond to customers.
  9. Customer does not get the same as discussed or promised before the project on board.


Most important Pillar to increase company revenue.

  1. Care your existing customers.

Because every business or company needs new clients or Customers But remember the most predictable and easiest way for new revenue is right under your nose. You never know when and who can be the strong Pillar of your company. It comes from the existing customer always because Existing client already knows about your company and strength who already bought from you.

Question comes in mind. Why should we bother about existing customers?

  1. Better conversion Ratio: Existing customer have good experience with you because they have already bought the product OR service from you. Confidence and Trust already built with them. And you know about them therefore it is easier to understand their need.
  2. Increase Profits:Selling your services to existing customer never be much focused for price and understanding. Because they are 30% already aware the same. We have to attract new customer by giving some discount. And To sell the service to your existing customers becomes so easy for your new service or upselling because you had already built a trust by giving them service delivery successfully before.
  3. Spend Less times : Instead of convincing them from the scratch You just need to let them know the effect and positive productivity of the service or product because on that time do not try to waste your time to convince because they are already convince. Try to pitch your selling in terms exploring for How good and for how long the service will be in used.
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