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Importance of Social Media

Traffic is the platform for Every solution for Business Sales, Promotion, Leads etc.

90% of Users are striking traffic on social media platform now a days. 

Think Yourself. If you have smartphone as everybody carrying along. Have you missed any week without accessing social media application ? You can have an idea If we can’t stop ourselves to open Social Media. It means 90% of people is using Social media platofrm for information sharing, Post their activity etc.

We are getting traffic on social media platform comparatively others. Because People have started believing to get the real information on people talk about in groups or individually. So we can come to know by their views or reviews, comment, feedback, Rating etc. User might take their decision on such things to access .

social media marketing

Social Media Platform are in use now a days as mentioned below :

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter

  3. Linkedin

  4. Pinterest

  5. Instagram

  6. You tube etc.


Now a days. Social Media Platform has created the platform for us to create an ad and put it for promotion which can be spread everywhere as per your choice & criteria . 

Instead of creating a profile you can create the Pages or Group on Social Media Marketing Platform. Users traffic can be increased day by day as you will promote your page . Facebook has its own ad campaign to promote your service, or pages.

Characteristics of Social Media which which makes it unique in today’s world :

  1. It does not need any third party authority to access. Possibilities to open direct to the client.

  2. Instead of paying TV, Newpaper, Radio etc hume amount of money for your small ads, Advertisment through social media platform is pretty cost friendly compared to others.

  3. It plays very important role to help in search engine optimization for ranking of your website. You can have an idea from affordable SEO packages India.

  4. In today’s world it makes a new relationship and new connection and became meeting point for internet savvy users.

  5. It has opened the gate for you to freely access and bring yourself infront of everyone. It depends how perfectly you can persent.

Social Media Marketing need to be a part of your Planning and Strategy

Try to put yourself on all Social Media Channel to make people aware about your products or Services for Brand Awareness.  By the time you will also come to know about your new competitor strategy to follow in these channel .

social media

Benefits of the Social Media Marketing:

  1. More Chances to convert the Client

  2. Conversion rate will be higher

  3. Increase Brand Awareness

  4. Improving the Brand Loyalty

  5. Improving Brand Authority

  6. Increase Inbound Traffic

  7. Lower down Marketing Costs

  8. Improving Search Engine Ranking

  9. Richer customer Engagements

  10. Improve Customer Insights

The longer you wait. You lose the customers and brand Loyalty, Social media can help you to lead customer, generating the traffic, increase business volume etc.

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