Google Analytics Integration With WordPress Website

Google Analytics will let you know how many traffic from which country from which regions they are targeting for your website in fact it will show you the graph as well on a daily basis monthly or yearly basis. You can set the filter to figure out as per your choice. It shows you through which medium you are getting traffic. It is from organic, Direct or social etc.

For more details you can see our video which is mentioned below it will be step-by-step and you will be happy by watching it

Do you really reach your target audience?
Many of us bring the new idea in the market but we failed to execute that idea. Is your idea is not strong? Or you are not able to execute it properly?

No. of question strikes in our mind such as:
We are trying implementation our idea since ages. But we are not able to reach our target to achieve our objective. Why? What exactly the problem is? Why we are not getting the huge traffic at our idea? What could be the reason? No. of question strikes in our mind such as

we have spent lot of money & time which is our hard earned money & time we have left everything just to reach the target and there number of start up’s and freelancer or entrepreneurs who has already made their benchmark history . We think We have done the same steps they followed & we are running the same strategy & same planning but where we are getting failure what exactly the reason behind. it may be possible that we have not that much of amount of money to invest or Reason could be lack of planning and strategy we are lagging behind there are number of reasons which is listed below:

1. Your target audience and source traffic should be same
2. Survey for your customers.
3. Research your competitors in the market and find out who the customer belongs to
4. Social media presence
5. Try to be available for your customer every time if your service is 24 into 7 respond to every email FB comment phone chat adjust yourself as necessary
6. Affiliate marketing
7. Engaging newsletter for your leads

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