What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is defined as the tactics and various channel through internet to connect your clients or Customers Globally. Where they spend much of their time online. If your content and products are persuading them to engage with their time over particular platform. Channel through you could able to reach your client with the help of digital marketing as mentioned below:

  • Email marketing
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Online brochures
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing

This all common channel comes under one umbrella of Digital Marketing

Email Marketing:

Companies are using email marketing to promote their services or Brand etc. because it is a way of communication with their audience. Email is often used to promote discounts, events and information about their new service, new arrival, Latest information etc.

The type of emails in an email marketing you might send campaign includes:

  1. Blog Subscription
  2. Newsletters
  3. Welcome email to Client/Customers
  4. Discount coupon
  5. Reminder
  6. Loyalty Program members
  7. Holiday Promotions
  8. Any positive Tips for customer Nurturing



Website for your business plays a very important role for Digital Marketing. Your website is a place where most of the people would like to interact with your business online or offline marketing is very important to send users to your website whether it is related with your services or product or booking or Purchase to get their contact details. Your website should be in such a way it should open with perfect resolution for every device that is mobile, laptop, palmtop or any phones etc. this is called responsive website design and your website should open with a very fraction of second because customer or client will not entertain if it is taking so long time to open and it should be having the feature of cross ability just because if customers would like to see on Mozilla it should be open perfectly if he is using Chrome if the resolution is not perfect so Customers is not going to entertain so he/she will land with another business website. In this way you can lose your business for clients.


SEO is a technique to bring numerous traffic on your website. It is gradually process to optimize your website. If your website is up to the mark as per Google Algorithm then this process helps to bring website over the top page of the search engine that is why it is called as a Search Engine Optimization. However Website should be SEO friendly. It means there should not be canonical error with your website. Canonical means your website should redirect at one unique URL to avoid duplicity of the Website URL. If user is trying to open your website with www or without WWW. It should open with one specific URL. Let’s take an example:

Website name is: www.shapecreation.com

If I open this website without WWW. It should automatically open with WWW. If it is not opening with one URL it means there is a Canonical error. It is just an example of Google preferences. If you follow every steps as per Google algorithm. So your website would be fully SEO Friendly. So automatically your website will get higher priority.

Online brochures

It consists everything the service of products details if any. It can be shared over the internet from where you can get the traffic. It is a part of digital marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing means you can create your page with the name of your business with different social media platform as you already know In today’s era everyone has an application of social media on their Mobile phone from where everyone are connecting to all social media information. So if you have presence there so it plays a very important role of digital marketing. Such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.


PPC gives very instant result to generate the leads or making you as a brand. It is not free service. Google charge for it. You can customize your link as an advertisement as per your target location, ages, gender etc. It is on bid basis. Google will charge you in this way whenever your link on the behalf of your suggested keyword will be clicked. From your account automatically some amount of decided money will be deducted .That is why it is called Pay per Click.

Affiliate Marketing

This type of digital marketing also help you generate the money through internet. You can create an API for your product or services and other provider can integrate this API on their website so it will show your product or service on their website so from there you can generate the sales as well.

Content Marketing

Google needs unique and high quality content for your service or product or whatsoever you would love to explore with. Based on unique and high quality content google gives priority to it. Alexa rank is also based on this. If your content has some uniqueness and Internet users has interest to read and engaging on that content. So Once Google robot cache your website. Then it can be determined that internet users are having interest by reading it. So it is also give preference to your website. So Content marketing is very good way to increase traffic for digital marketing.

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