Top 5 CMS Website Platform For Any Small to Large business

CMS stands for Content Management System. It allows you to add, manage, update, delete etc. within your website wherever and whenever you may be. Eventually you can add images, text easily with unlimited number of pages and a full search engine results.
CMS allows you to design your website presence without any programing knowledge or Coding or technical language. It is very simple drag and drop option. It needs only little sense what to put and where to put only with basic knowledge of navigation.

If you have a server with cPanel access. It needs to install over the server with any theme which makes you feel eye catchy and friendly for you to design. Here are several CMS for you which will describe the use of different CMS.

  1. WordPress for (Marketing)

WordPress is free and open source to install over your server with free of charge with no issues. WordPress has numerous plugin to install & activation that can help you with the functionality you need. No need any kind of coding. Just Drag & Drop with theme.

  1. Concrete5 for (Easy Content Editing)

Concrete5 is also a Content Management System which is open source and easily allows you to simple editing for pages and content. It is right choice if you are carrying a static website with lot of content to edit frequently.

  1. Joomla for Customization

Joomla is best CMS for an ecommerce online store website. Moreover it is better than any blog or any WordPress theme just because it allows us to customization with the coding part as well to modify the theme with functionality with our own choice. If our site is more than a blog with major text content along with any you tube video so Joomla Works best for the same.

  1. Drupal for Security

Drupal is also a CMS not much difference with Joomla. Drupal is much more secure and flexible than Joomla and free with open source. Drupal has a plugin where probability with Joomla has paid plugin though.

  1. WordPress with Woo commerce

As we have described above WordPress is a very good CMS and widely used now a days everywhere. So WordPress have the features with plugin for eCommerce named as Woo commerce. Which carry every possibility for E commerce online portal.


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